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Please look through the photos below to see real members on Alternative Dating UK. If you wish to see more about them, click on their photo to be taken through to their profile page.

As on all of our dating sites, we do not charge to view profiles, only ask for you to complete a free registration. Alternative Dating UK was set up to provide online dating services for those of us not looking for traditional dating sites. We are open to all comers! Vampires, Goths, punks, Tattoos, fetishes - No judgements, no pressure. Come in and take a look around, we hope you will feel right at home.

If you are looking for our more traditional online dating sites or our Adult Dating Network please click here.






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At Alternative Dating UK we have one of the the internet's best selection of alternative men looking for dates with alternative women. If you are looking for someone proud to be alternative then look no further. Make alternative dating UK your first stop for online dating.

At alternative dating UK we are proud to be one of the UK's fastest growing alternative online dating networks. We encourage our members to participate in our network, sending gifts, winks and "ice breaker" dating emails - contacting other members to introduce themselves and to welcome them into our community. Once you have sent out an ice breaker (or received one) it is a first contact introduction to the other members of the site that meet your search criteria. We find that this is much less daunting than sending out the dreaded "first email". The responses you get back help to gauge who is interested and who is not. You can sort through the responses you get (and we are sure you will get many) and choose who to get back to and pick and choose your way through our available men :)

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We also offer a full live chat function within alternative dating. You can easily see who is online at any one time, and choose to chat with them there and then. The chat functionality works like most other desktop chats, only your personal details are protected within the application. You do not need to pass on any details unless you feel comfortable with the person you are chatting with. This important safety feature allows you to confidently chat to our dating men. If at any time you have problems with a member you can firstly block them (this prevents the other user from gaining any access to your details within the site including your profile page) or if you have been really upset or offended, report them to our UK based support staff. We do not tolerate any abuse to our members as we want all of them to be happy, enjoy our service and find men within our database that satisfy what they were looking for!

If any men in the profile photos above catch your eye, click on their picture to be taken through to their profile page. We offer completely free registration on all of our dating websites that allow you to use our custom searches to view the men on our site by location, physical attributes, interests and preferences. There is no obligation to join and we don't ask for any financial information until you are ready to join as a full member. If you would like to try out the site as a full member, our membership packages start at only one month membership - giving you the freedom to test out our dating site, send some messages, meet some other members and see how you get on. If you don't like it the simply cancel your membership and you will no longer be billed. Otherwise take your time as a free member to surf through our alternative men, see if the site is for you and then if you feel at home and welcome come join the party!

When contacting men on our site it is important to stay safe. While we vet each individual before we approve them for membership, we cannot guarantee that every scammer or "nasty" person does not slip through the net.

Do not reveal personal information to strangers

We know that sounds like your mum warning you before you went out to play, but it is just as important now as it was back then. The alternative dating uk software provides you with an anonymity that allows you to converse with men without revealing anything too deep about yourself, so use that to protect yourself. We never ask for financial information outside of our application, so if you are not logged in, you will never see a payment page or anything asking you for money.

Stay safe and Happy

Always stay safe with people on the site. If you feel uncomfortable with the information another member is asking of you then don't give it to them! Although online dating can sometimes feel like a computer game, it is not and although very rare, there are sometimes some not so nice people on online dating sites. Stay within your own comfort zone and if you do arrange to meet someone from the site, do it somewhere public at first, and make sure that your friends or family know where you are going. We can't make you wear clean underwear just in case you get hit by a bus, but remember all the other things your mum told you and stay safe and enjoy yourself



We hope that we offer the best in dating on the internet, the most alternative men looking for alternative women. Test us out today and see if you can find what or who you are looking for.