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Alternative Dating UK is part of our network of dating sites. We are dedicated to providing the best in online dating to our members, providing bespoke databases tailored to our members needs and requirements.

All of our dating sites are free to join and to take a look around. We do not require a full membership for any site unless you wish to use the comprehensive services offered within them. Please take time to visit them and find the dating partners that best meet your needs (or your friends and family if you are looking for a dating site recommendation). We want all of our members to be happy.

We offer telephone support for all of our members and have a dedicated UK based support team waiting to answer your questions and queries as a registered site member.

40 plus dates


Our Online Dating Network was set up in 2008 as part of the dating network. Since then the network has outgrown it's original remit - To provide the UK's biggest online dating network, and we now provided niche and specialised online dating websites to better deliver our clients what and who they are looking for.

We define our online dating sites so that your experience with us will give you one of the best dating sites online. We define our sites by age, interest or requirement as appropriate, allowing our clients to be themselves amongst like minded adults finding the best in dating men and dating women. This is particularly true within our new range of sites starting here with alternative dating uk. With all of our sites we offer free sign up and search, this enables you to view our membership and their profiles before you commit to a full membership yourself. We do not ask for any financial information, just a username and verification email (to prove that you are where you say you are). Once a free registered member you can upload a profile and a photo and see just how much interaction and interest you could gain on the site (we allow you to receive messages and see who they are from and the subject row, but to read the whole message you must be a full member).

After you have uploaded a photo, as a free member you can also send an "ice breaker" email. This service allows you to send a message out to all of the members of our site that meet your search criteria. Sit back and wait for the messages to come back. If you are still not sure, we offer 1 month trial memberships. For this you get a whole month of full membership and access, but are under no obligation to continue beyond the initial period. We believe this is the best way to find out if there is a suitable match for you on the site, start conversations with other members and gauge whether you like the functionality available.

On our dating sites we offer the following functionality

photo and video profiles

On our sites, the best way to gain the interest with other members is to post a photo of yourself. This is so important that we see it as a key reason that people keep coming back to us. In our advanced searches you can dismiss all profiles that do not contain a photo. All photos are vetted by our support team before loading, and is a way for us to ensure that everyone on the site is at the very least an active and real member. We now also offer the opportunity of uploading a video to your profile. If you would like even more interaction with other members, record a short video introduction to yourself that other members can view. Although it is totally optional (we know some of you are a bit shy!) it is a great way to gain interest from other suitable members.

live chat*

See who is online and chat with them within the site. This allows you to talk and get to know our members better without divulging any of your personal information. If you like them, it is up to you how you continue, but we like to think that this safety aspect allows you to interact without the concerns of revealing too much of yourself.

email messaging

As with live chat, your personal details are totally protected within our application. We provide an email application with the same functionality you would expect on your desktop, conversations grouped within profiles, view the profile of people who send you messages that you haven't talked to before, and if you view a profile, see the full interaction between yourself and that person.

Virtual gifts

We also offer the added functionality of sending virtual gifts to members that catch your eye, silly we know, but it is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Gifts sent will be shown on the recipients profile as a badge, and show that you are definitely interested in that person. We vary the gifts seasonally and from site to site as appropriate but they are sure to gain you some kudos points and attention.

All of the above functionality is available to our one month members, so pick a site or two or three and give us a try today

Romantic dating sites

Ove the next few months we will be adding more dating niche sites, delivering specialist sites for different clients. Here are a few of our sites to start with

20 plus dates, 30 plus dates, 40 plus dates

As suggested by the name, the plus dates series of sites was set up to deliver age specific dating. The plus dates series of sites are aimed at the standard market of online dating. With a target demographics of between 20 and 50 years old, these site deliver our clients an online dating experience targeted at their age groups. As with all of our sites the plus dates sites are free to join and to look around.

50 plus dates, 60 plus dates

These sites are aimed at the more mature dating audience. Our research showed that our clients preferred an environment where they were surrounded by their peers. The 50 plus dates and 60 plus dates sites serve that audience. By choosing this environment for online dating we provide a selective service where the older members of our network are able to date, flirt and meet up without the attention of the younger members is our adult dating site. Within this site anything goes! Sex contacts, nsa sex and adult personals, offers the cream of the internet's UK swingers. If you are looking for something other than romance, this definitely the place to start. As with our other sites it is completely financially and obligation free, just register, verify your email and you are free to look around, see who is out there, and make your own choice to join. is 100% free for our female clients. This positioning allows us to offer one of the best female erotic dating databases in the online adult dating world today. All are welcome, come 2 see us today!

*live chat unavailable in our adult network